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The CSA want's your story

In the latest CSA eNews the CSA are asking for your story. Here's what they say :-

CSA eNews said
Telling your story can help other parents

Research shows that other parents want to hear about how you managed separation and the challenges associated with shared parenting.

It's not too late to share your experiences. Contact us at to find out more.
Hey MikeT I had a look on the news letter and it says they are only looking for " More positive stories " are they looking for the truth or just stories that they can use to express positive feed back on their changes ????  
D4E doesn't every story have something positive?

e.g. "The boy who cried Wolf", the moral itself is positive.  ;)

However I doubt that they would be anything other than very selective, you could even say that's the nature of the beast.
I think what I was considering is if my positive shared care situation would be reflected as a positive C.S.A. experience even though as a shared care father I still fear approaching the C.S.A. change of assessment protocol due to the effects it may have on the care of our daughter.

I realise that both are tied together and I realise what I would need to do in case of a breach but I also realise the sacrifice to keep staus-quo,  because of this I would want to project both parts of the story in regards to C.S.A., the law and balance of sacrifice that exists with many in the same position.

So when I read your post my ears pricked up but now feel only a selection of what I wrote would be used and this would not give a true perception of the situation.

That one word does put a big spin on things.

      perhaps we should recommend that any story sent includes something along the lines that publication or anecdotal use of parts of the story is conditional upon the inclusion of the whole story or all aspects when used in an anecdotal way.

I fully understand your concerns and I myself would have those same concerns. It's great that you have raised these concerns so that others are aware of what I would say is a likely event.
Wise words once again MikeT I will include this when explaining a positive result and perhaps reflect on the catalyst's that have made this situation possible.

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