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The CSA's Calculator oooops Estimator is soon to be here

Discussions around the new Estimator yet to arrive

I've just found out that the CSA's online estimator will be available on their website on 18th of the month.
But will it be as good as yours?

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
Jadzia, uhhm I hope it's better, but there again I don't think their old one was the best thing since sliced bread (I don't think I ever used it, there again mine was a pretty simple calculation anyway).

On that issue, I got really far with the new one today. I've added multi-case allowance (still got to add multi-case capping), I've tidied it up a bit, added minimum payment text, added FTB claim text. Found quite a few bugs and fixed most. Although there's one with regard to split care to do with the order in which it generates the underlying data. I'll work on that tomorrow. However it just results in it saying it's too complex for the calculator. Then hopefully it's only the carer stuff to deal with and I think that's quite easy (just hope Murphy didn't hear that :).

I'll be good to see how it compares with the CSA one as a lot of the later stuff I'm flying blind with as I'm not aware of any examples anywhere and I've had to make the odd assumption here and there.
Excellent MikeT - It will be interesting to see how the two compare with each other and reality.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
It looks as though I got the date wrong, the CSA estimator might actually be available on the 16th.

I have also now got the new calculator in a pretty good state to the stage where it appears to cope with all of the complexities, with the exception of handling Carers (i.e. non-parents) and of applying the multi-case cap (this would only reduce repayments).

These two items should be introduced in due course. The calculator should handle the following :-

Basic calculations (just payer and payee with one or more children).

Basic plus other children (i.e. adopted or biological children to another current partner).

Split/Shared care including other children (i.e. split/shared care is when both have primary care of some of the children).

Multi-case where other CS liabilities to another payee exist (it only works out the payment reduction [multi-case allowance] it doesn't go on to work out the payment to the other payee [it may well do this in the near future, I've basically disabled it from doing so as it mess up the calculation of split care]).

It should also cope with combinations of all of the above.

I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of the latter two, I have nothing to check them against, so calculations are according to my interpretations of what literature I have been able to obtain.

Anyway just to beat the CSA here's my one yet again (sheesh anybody would think I was getting paid for this the way I keep plugging it).

The latest incarnation of the dreaded MikeT calculator

Suggestions, problems, please send me an email (if a problem then if possible send me the details of what you input so I can run your scenario).
The CSA Calculator/Estimator is "Pending". I pressed today for a date and at this stage it is "imminent".

They will not commit to a definitive date at this stage, (however I will rush to the computer screen this weekend to see just in case).

I wonder how many developers are involved and how much the CSA calculator will cost.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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Money maker

Perhaps we can sell the calculator to the CSA and split the money with Mike T. Well why not?

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Don't you wonder that an agency which employs "the best and brightest" take this long to produce the calculator - how do you think their computer systems - which actually calculate and the take your money from your bank accounts - will go?

CSA systems are not known for their quality and never have been. This new stuff is pushing them way beyond their intellectual and computing capability.

Jump on them immediately (and the ministers and the media) as SOON as they start stuffing up.

I predict the stuff ups will be significant.

Don't allow the CSA to present the media story of "there were a few minor glitches" (ie people losing their houses, defaulting on mortgages, stressed out of their lives) as the story.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
I'm considering making the new calculator produce a stock letter of response to query/dispute calculations. Although obviously the calculator would have to be 100%.

Good idea? Thoughts?

Australian 2008 New Legislation Child Support Calculator ?

Try this website for the new C$A calculations from June 2008.

It was found on another website by someone who claims to have access to the new C$ calculator:

Australian 2008 New Legislation Child Support Calculator

Children for which Child Support is payable :
  Under 13's
  13 and Over

Other biological children of the Payee :
  Under 13's
  13 and Over

Other biological children of the Payer :
  Under 13's
  13 and Over

Number of nights the Children are resident with the Payer
Payees Adjusted Taxable Income
Payers Adjusted Taxable Income

Note! this calculator is intended as a guide only.

Calculations are according to the new Australian Child Support legislation effective 1st July 2008
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