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Pre Section 58

Tax Income Change of Care

Hi  I would like to hear from those who have suffered or a really ambitious lawyer to resolve…

May Question is…if the SSAT reviewed and accepted that "special circumstances" did exist, then (for period (2006-07), if there is a current assessment (2010 -11), and a further change of assessment of those merits under section 117(4).  Where was there justification to place a further "collateral"  for the prior period (over 5 years) to be a justification, in the current period?"

The magnitude is that I woke up after five years of the period with a $3.5k debt, I earn only $588 per week (before tax).  This was known by the SSAT.  I did explain that I could not afford additional debt.

I question the "flogging" of section 117(4) when there is has been co currently administrative assessments higher than taxable income.
I am in the same boat as you, the CSA want me to pay
more then I can afford, they have no consideration at all.

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