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New Child Support Care Estimator

The CSA have introduced a new feature to their website. It's a Care Level Estimator.

Here's a link to the estimator CSA's Care Estimator

I have had a few minutes play with it and for some it could well be useful.

It's a little slow in updating the care percentage, taking a few seconds after clicking.

I think the help could easily be a litte more helpful e.g. click on the help for Care Level and you get
CSA's Estimator said
"A parent's care level is calculated based on the care percentage. For more information go to the Care and Costs of Children (opens in a new window) section on the CSA website. "
Whilst it would be better if it were context sensitive and say if you had regular care, explain regular care and perhaps the implications of that care level.

However overall a bit of a thumbs up for the CSA.

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