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New Child Support section established in the Guide

This new section deals with a range of information about the child support changes and related agencies

Click to access… The Family Law Web Guide Child Support section This section will be under review and if you have ideas, comments or any recommended changes that need to be added please list them in this post.

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What a typically stupid reply from the opposition 'Nearly 15% of CSA clients are CSA employees' what is that supposed to mean?

On behalf of the ATO I can state that 100% of CSA employees are taxpayers!

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (look for the Avatars) Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
You are wasted as an esteemed site Moderator Agog as the observation is not only incredibly correct but that quote from Kelvin Thompson (If he was in fact quoted correctly) shows a complete lack of understanding of any principal in this arena from a Labor member. What are we in for if they actually get over the line. :(

Opposition spokesman on human services Kelvin Thompson says while the changes are welcome, they do not address all of the problems.

"Nearly 15 per cent of Child Support Agency employees are Child Support Agency clients," he said.

"The package announced today makes no reference to this issue, so it's set to remain a major problem at the Child Support Agency."

This topic has come up before

Personaly, I would hope that the percentage of C$A employees who are also C$A clients should be similar to the percentage of all employees who are also C$A clients. Until recently, much of the research on families, parents and children that caught decision makers attention was driven by gay and lesbian sections of the community and by others who had no children and also had no intention of becoming parents. We eneded up with a whole bunch of theories and fads which are now being shown to be incorrect and in fact quite damaging to Families, Parents and children.

For me - Shared Parenting is a Reality - Maybe it can be for you too!
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