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Maintenance Payments - New Relationship

Child Maintenance question

If I commence a new relationship does my new partners income factor into the maintenance payments to my Ex partner for my 16yo son? If so how does this work?
               assuming that you mean Child support, under a normal assessment no. However, a reason 8 departure (change of assessment) could take into consideration some financial aspects. Say for example the relationship was greater than 6 months (and thus considered the same as a marriage) and there were investments then it could be considered that such investments were joint investments. An area that the CSA apply some extremely biased decisions (to increase the amount collected or transferred)  is when a partner is self-employed in which case the CSA have been shown on numerous occasions to apply ridiculously high income amounts. Basically being self-employed and not at length from the CSA can very easily result in total financial devastation with the rather obvious resultant abuse of the child or children due to the object of the legislation, that each parent provide the correct financial support for the child or children, not being adhered to simply for the sake of a few brownie points throughout the hierarchy of the CSA and above.

One such example had a parent's ATI (adjusted taxable income) set at $98,000 by the SCO (Senior Case Officer), objection resulted in this being reduced to $62,000, SSAT decreased this further to $58,500 and also increased the other parent's income from $25,000 to $42,000 (due to a proven capacity to earn). The latter being highly important as the ratio between parent's income is a core consideration of the calculation of CS. Thus the paying parent's income percentage changed from 87% (SCO), to 71% (Objection), to 58% (SSAT). This was in Ryan v Ryan.

If self-employment is involved, then you may wish to visit this topic Sole Trader
MikeT Thanks for your info - No Self Employment involved, will look into it further.
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