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Change of assessments ( COAs)- post 1/7/08

Does anyone know, what happens with current COAs post 1/7/08 ?  Under the new formula I will pay less but recently the ex has been successful adding some additional costs for parenting ie medical and school fees under reasons 2 and 3.

Will COAs still apply from 1/7 given that specific parenting costs will be part of the new formula?

Can such payments after a COA, be classified as Prescribed Payments to gain the 30% offset? I do not pay these bills direct to the service provider rather, after the COA, I prepay the ex through the monthly CSA payments.

Any help appreciated.

Hello Yoda,,,  I'm in the same boat,,  my X has also applied for COA for school fees and dental costs and outcome is that I pay an additional amount on top of my Child Support  (paying this now).

I also discussed this with CSA and they tell me that after 1/7/08,  I will still have to pay for the additional cost on top of the new rate.  In my case, i'm expecting to pay less, and CSA said that the new assessment is worded to say, "As from 1/7/08, Child support payments will increase by $$$$amount ON TOP OF THE ASSESSMENT/FORMUAL RATE".  Basically, it means I continue to pay the additional cost for COA…

As for Prescribed Payments,  Dont think you can claim the 30% offset as you dont pay them directly to the service provider.  However, maybe it's worth setting up an agreement with your X so that u can pay direct… (but I guess she would prefer the money in her hand !!!)….

Child Maintenace Trust

Is possible to set up a "Child Maintenance Trust" to direct ones salary through this to pay child support liability? It would lower ones assesable taxable income etc etc…


Yes it is possible to set up a Child Maintenance Trust … BUT you also need to get approval from your X…  (and I'm sure she will approve it !!!)
Thanks for the comments. I agree the Trust is the way to go but so far getting the ex to agree has been a challenge.

With COAs I still find a frustrating anomaly in that they allow these costs to be added as a special reason which means you end up paying for them but if they were paid direct by me I  can claim a 30% offset on. Why should CSA care how the bill is paid if the child receives the service? Also, as some of these services are undergone weekly by my daughter, (I pay the cost automatically by way of a monthly increase to my csa payment), regardless if she attends or not. How do I know if she does? CSA dont require proof now from the ex as the doctors said it would be an ongoing need for weekly treatment (but they would say that as its good for business!!)

Do others have this issue and can you request in orders that ongoing supply of receipts are provided?

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