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Care Confirmations

Have you Submitted and checked the Care Confirmation Form

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Have you done yours, have you checked if it's been disputed?

In November, like many others, I got sent the Care Confirmation form. It appears that this has only been sent to payers.

It also appears that even though you submit it, that it is not being applied, just recorded. Well that's what I found out yesterday for myself, and others mentioning this appear to be in the same boat.

I was told by the CSO that if the payer doesn't reply then mine would be used, however the CSO admitted to only having 6-7 months experience. I also requested my screen notes which took close to 30 minutes before the CSO went to the FOI officer who confirmed that I do have the right to a copy of my screen notes.

I really wonder if the CSA, will omit using the recorded amount, for myself and others and resort to what, in my case, was a recorded default amount of 0 days (ie. 365 with the payer).

Anyway, it may well be in people's interest to not only submit the Care Confirmation but to also follow it up and get confirmation that it has been applied and will be used and perhaps request the screen notes.
Good point.

FYI with my payee hat on, I recieved this notice in November and have accepted it as uncontested. It doesn't really affect me as we have a private agreement.

My partner has checked what his ex has submitted with CSA. He advised CSA that he has been getting some contact now and we will forward them a copy of the next set of orders that we get. This will reduce what he pays quite a bit.

Definitely something to do.

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Do you think that people should, along with the form, also submit any parenting or consent orders?

If so how would you submit the orders and to whom?

Personally I like using CSAOnline, however I don't think that caters for the inclusion of scanned documents.

Perhaps I could request an email address of the area dealing with this.
When I spoke to CSA they said to keep a diary, as I had no consent orders in place.

I would ask CSA if orders or signed parenting plan would be appropriate and how they would like them tendered. I'm not sure if they would like a scanned document. Govt departments and the legal system are pretty antiquated and prefer originals or an authentic copy signed by a JP, which I would post in.

Centrelink are super tough and want originals of everything!  :offtopic:

A good reason for submitting this, is CSA do not like back dating anything. They will only make adjustments from the day they have something confirmed. So all your ex has to do is drag the chain and the assessment can stand until you submit info.

When my partner called them, they told him they could make some adjustments now (in Jan) and would make further changes when the rest of the new rules came in, in July.

Junior Executive of SRL-Resources

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on this site (Look for the Avatars). Be mindful what you post in public areas. 
The "care" arrangement is the key to the new formula SHAM.

I don't see how that works - my ex has the two kids who live with me up to 7 weeks a year in the holidays and I will lose entitlements as he has to pay for them in that time. When they are there he refuses to supply them with things as basic as shampoo and conditioner, farms them out to their relatives etc, when I have the two who live with him here I have to provide everything, and if I take mine shopping for clothes when we have visited his rellies he tells the daughter he is responsible for that I have to buy HER clothes too or it is unfair. He buys nothing for the two I have.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.

The payments are based upon what should happen, not what does.  That's one reason why I advocate for accountability of payments.

I guess many payers are in the same boat. They know that the child is being exploited, with much assistance from the law as it stands and as such they understand that child is therefore being abused and are unable to do much if anything about it.

If people were more honest, fair and responsible so much would be better, however the system, if anything, tends to push one to the very opposite.
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