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Calculator - Still in development

There are still some things to resolve

We appear to have had a few problems with the accuracy of the child support calculator. Our testing indicates that the calculator does not provide consistently accurate results. The errors in assumption which cause the incorrect calculations of child support liability include:

- capping taxable incomes at the current rate of $104,702, whereas in the new formula the income cap for higher income earners will be replaced by a level of combined parental incomes above which child support payable will not increase;
- the Cost of Children table from the report 'In the Best Interests of Children' may not have been accurately uploaded as the cost of children figure is not consistently correct;
- calculating that there is no child support payable for a low income payer with less than 14% care of the child, when in fact minimum child support of around $6.00 per week would be payable.

In addition, there is little contextual information provided so it is difficult for parents to know that there is significant reform taking place in the child support sector and that the formula is changing in July 2008.

Similarly, it needs to make it clear that the final outcome of the changes should include a calculation of the consequent effect of changes to child support assessments for those in receipt of Family Tax Behefit.

The calculator appears to provide accurate information for payers rather than payees and, therefore, is not universally applicable.

We are working to make amendments to the Child Support Calculator to provide "accurate, timely and quality advice".

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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