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A New Child Support Formula and Other Reforms

Rebecca Pietsch, a Senior Adviser, Child Support Legal Services presents for the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia. The SPCA is a member.

This article from the latest "Family Lawyer" needs a proper soft copy but if you can live with some of the missing words in the meantime does offer some incites into CSA thoughts on the policy around July 2008 introductions.
Rebecca Pietsch, a Senior Adviser, Child Support Legal Services said
Increasingly, parental conflict is understood to be detrimental to children, particularly where this results in a child not being able to continue a meaningful relationship with both parents.

It is beyond the scope of child support legislation, or a child support scheme, to resolve parental conflict, particularly since this conflict is likely to arise from many issues much wider than child support. However, if a child support scheme can avoid unnecessarily exacerbating or creating opportunities for conflict, then a decrease in conflict is a more realistic goal.

Transparency and balanced outcomes are wades, important features of a scheme that is to engender parental and public confidence and acceptance, lead to voluntary compliance with liabilities.

As part of the reforms, many small changes were introduced to this end, even where actual changes to child support amounts or practices were small.

The legislative changes to be introduced from 1 July 2008 aim to not only introduce a new system that more appropriately calculates child support for children in Australia today, but also to make it easier particularly for separated parents to make acceptable, if not amicable, arrangements for the care and financial support of their children.
Rebecca Pietsch is a Senior Adviser, Child Support Legal Services in the Child Support Agency.
A New Child Support Formula and Other Reforms

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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