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2011 Child Support Core Amounts

Annually there are adjustments to the core values that form the basis of the calculation of child support. One of the prime values is what I term as AMTAWE (Annualised Male Total Average Weekly Earnings)(the CSA Guide refers to it as the MTAWE however this is in fact a weekly amount, hence the additon of the A for Annualised).

The AMTAWE has changed from $58,854 to $61,781.

As a result the Self Support Amount (Amount taken as being needed to support oneself and as such subtracted from one's income when assessing CS via the formula). The SSA is 1/3 of AMTAWE and has changed from $19,618 to $20,594.

Also as a result the income brackets for ascertaining the cost of children have changed. There are 6 such brackets the following are the bracket changes:

$0 - $29427 is now $0 - $30,891 (0.5 times AMTAWE).
$29428 - $58,854 is now $30,891 - $61,781 (AMTAWE).
$58,855 - $88,281 is now $61,782 - $92,672 (1.5 times AMTAWE)
$88,282 - $117,708 is now $92,673 - $123,562 (2.0 times AMTAWE)
$117,709 - $147,135 is now $123,563 -  $154,453 (2.5 times AMTAWE)
Over $147,135 is now over $154,453 (this is the threshold after which cost of children doesn't increase)
Note that for CS children it is the combined income of both parents less the SSA and less any relevant dependant child amount and less any mutli-case allowance that is used to ascertain the cost of children.

Also as a result the default income (used if tax returns have not been submitted for 2 years or more) has changed from $39,236 to $41,187 (2/3rds of AMTAWE).

In addition to the AMTAWE changing the Fixed Rate of child support (annual rate of CS for a parent on low income but not on income support) has changed from $1,193 to $1,226.

Also the minimum rate of CS (annual rate of CS for a liable parent on income support) has changed from $360 to $370.

The maximum normal parenting payment single (used as the factor that determines a low income for the fixed rate of CS) has changed from $14,937 to $15,909.

Lastly the child support inflation factor (applied when a years tax return has not been received) has changed from 3.8% to 4.7%.

Note! that the new values will only be implemented when a new CS period starts.

Here's a link to the relevant section of the CSA guide that details the changes. The CSA Guide - 2.4.2 Formula Tables

Note! that the Child Support Calculators on this site, links are on the home page, are in the process of being updated.
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