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2010 Child support amounts

Here's the AMTAWE (Annualised Male Total Average Weekly Wage) for 2010


This figure is an important figure when calculating child support as the cost of children tables and the self support amount are generated from this one value.

The Self support amount for 2010 is 1/3rd of AMTAWE and is therefore $19618.

If you wish to see the cost of children tables then please refer to the attachment below.

Please note that the Calculators available from the home page haven't been updated as yet as they need some other figures that are changed on an annual basis.

Please also note that the new figures are only applied to assessments that start in 2010 and therefore for that existing assessments will not be changed until an event that results in a a new assessment period starting.

Commonwealth of Australia Gazette No. GN 50, 23 December 2009

Both child support calculators, accessible by clicking on Home at the top, how now been updated with the latest figures and can therefore now perform calculations for assessments that start in 2010.

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