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'Child support' overhaul leaves single mums mostly better off

About 61 per cent of "paying parents" (aka Fathers) are now paying more child support.

The Australian
1 May 2010

Overhaul leaves single mums mostly better off
By Joe Kelly

Most single mothers are better off after the Howard government overhauled the child support system, although nearly 7,000 have been left out of pocket by up to $60 a week.

The Rudd government yesterday released two reports on the child support changes. When they were introduced in July 2008, it was thought most divorced fathers would pay less, undercutting payments for single mothers.

But the analysis of 198,000 parents who receive payments, mainly women, and 207,300 child support payers, mainly men, revealed that most of those receiving payments - 59 per cent - were getting more child support and family tax benefit. About 61 per cent of "paying parents" contributed more child support.


See Reports at:

A copy of the full analysis is available at FaHCSIA's website:

Also see Media Release:

Subject: Further analysis of the Child Support Scheme Reforms

Please note that the release of further analysis of the Child Support Scheme Reforms was announced by the Minister for Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs and the Minister for Human Services today. A link to the press release which contains a link to the reports is attached.

The scope of the study/s seems quite limited. It doesn't provide an in depth analysis of the current csa scheme and how different groups within the scheme have been affected.   

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
ANd it assumes the underlying calculations are correct.  The SSAT results cast some significant doubt and it is a very brave move to publish this report.  I hope the next ANAO review of this horridly administered scheme has something to add.  And I hope some journo finally shows an ability to join the dots.
Removing the child support income cap and changing sole care status from 109 nights to 52 nights have had mixed results. The report is written in an effort to get everyone to settle down and just accept the system. They have enough trouble getting people to accept the status quo let alone when changes occur.
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