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Why gross and not nett income ?

Just wondering why the CSA don't use nett income instead of the gross income.

I just put the details into the calculator and my hubby has to pay $160 per week on his gross income, yet we do not receive his tax to help pay for the CSA, and on his net income it would only be $85 per week and that is with 5 dependants.

Why is it that the UK CSA use the nett income, yet Australia seem to not realise that we don't get the tax that is taken from the gross income?

Also when the new 2008 calculator is in he will have to pay $204 per week compared to $108 per week. How is that fair?!!

Commission ?

I've heard CSA get a commission from your Child support payments… If true, then the CSA using Gross will give them more commission amounts!!!
CSA has nothing to do with 'fairness'. Its all about moving money from one household to another as much and as quickly as possible.

The statement "its all about the children' is the mantra used to inflnct as much financial misery as possible. It says it all. Its not about a parents ability to survive, be healthy, even keep a house.

I lost my house to CSA because we had 50/50 for many years and then the ex then quit work, took a package and applied for CSA. They could not garnishee my wages quick enough. I could not pay my mortgage, had to sell my house, lost most of my equity and now rent a smaller house. The children did not benefit from this - only the ex.

I did take it to court and the magistrate said that the system was working as the government intended. No one from government has denied that this is how its supposed to work.

So its not about healthy, happy parents (and hence healthy happy children) - ist about giving money to who ever does not work or works only part -time and has the children (statistically mainly females).

Now that the CSA beneficiaries group of people is so large - both parties are too gutless to really reform CSA because they are scared of voter backlash. If only politicians cared about society (rather than their own lucrative benefits)  we might have a better system.

 Maybe I am not explaining myself well enough
On one hand, I understand why the calculations would be done on gross. I could effectively reduce my nett income to very little and thus get out of paying very much at all. This would be acceptable, if the rate to calculate was low, but at 27% or whatever it is (used to be) it's just crazy….

On the other hand, the more working parents pay to the non-worker (and the liberal govt LOVE women at home barefoot and pregnant IMHO) the less the govt has to pay in benefits.

I also have to echo, it's not about fairness and it's not about the children.

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bugsiboy said
I've heard CSA get a commission from your Child support payments… If true, then the CSA using Gross will give them more commission amounts!!!
 I will be down in Canberra on the 26th with CSA and FaCSIA at the National Stakeholder Engagement Group (CSNSEG) meeting and dealing with the thematic component: Best Interests of the Children. I will see if the various reform groups can tap into the commission payments. (Just joking).. I will pass the comment on and ask the Minister if we could have just a quarter percent to cover costs… Will let you know what they say. 

Unfortunately the public purse bears the total cost of the CSA and the policy arm in FaCSIA and it runs a zero margin arrangement. :(

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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