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I have been in hospital for the last 5 weeks and as a result have missed 6 nights of care of my two boys aged 8 and 10.

I usually have the boys 3 nights a fortnight by agreement with my ex (no court order)

My relationship with my ex is errrrrrrrrrrrrr………… lets just say nasty……..

Since my hospitalisation she has refused to let them visit, talk to me on the phone or send and recieve text any messages from me as I am in a psych ward recieving treatment for PTSD as a result of my sevice in IRAQ.

I have just got a letter from CSA stating that my rate of child support has been increased due to me (allegedly) having 0% care through to Nov 2010 !!!!! (which is not going to be the case)
how can this be when I have only missed 6 nights and no one has even contacted me to discuss the situation or allowed me the opportunity to respond? plus this is killing me financially as I am still paying child support whilst no longer working and therefore reciving no other income other than a modest DFDB pension. This is all going on as well as me awaiting descisions from the Department of Veterans Affairs relating to penson applications and appeals outcomes…………. geeeeeeeeeez !!!!!! pass the pills please nurse !!!!!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Townie, if you're no longer working then lodge an estimate of income with the CSA (get medical certificates for the PTSD). Have a word with your forces welfare guys (sorry don't know their name). Perhaps Acep74 may see this, she's the wife of a member of the forces who knows some of the ropes.

You need to consider getting court orders for the contact.

You'll probably be saying I can't afford to go to court. Well the first stage is mediation so you need to get onto a Family Relationship Centre and make arrangements. You could then try phoning the CSA and say that the other parent has unilaterally stopped contact contrary to the agreement for which they have evidence by the way of the contact regime and that you have taken measures to address this via the process as defined by the family law process (perhaps ask to speak to the specialised care team). I somehow doubt that they'll change anything though, although you may get one of the better members who will go beyond just considering how much money the CSA can transfer or collect.

Have a look at and consider joining the Self Represented Litigants Group (SRL Resources).

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