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LifeInsight said
Are there any paying parents with step children they care or support, or Partners of Paying Parents (PoPPs), out there who have been waiting since 2006 for these changes?
I understand there is a Yahoo group or an email list group for PoPPs - perhaps you could join that or ask them for more details.

Perhaps somebody on this site has the contact details for the group?

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The POPPS support group can be found at:

It is intended for partners of paying parents and consists of mostly women.

It provides a place for sharing and support.
Hi LifeInsight.

Yes we were under the impression that when the new changes came in the CSA would recognise my partner (also the paying parent) as the one who provides for myself and my daughter.  However this will not happen unless there is a court order of some description.

We can't get a parenting order because we are only engaged and not married and why should we go to the extent of adoption simply to satisfy what other agencies (such as Centrelink) already recognise?

When the role was reversed (and my partner was the payee) the CSA wanted to know the ins and outs of myself (especially my wage) and my daughter in relation to my partner.

It wasn't said directly but the distinct impression we got from the CSA was 'well you are supporting your fiancée and her daughter so you obviously don't need us to chase extra money from the payer.' Mind you she was only required to pay $24 per month on a $32,000 income, which she didn't for nearly two years.

One rule for females and one for males no matter which side of the payee/payer fence you sit on. :dry:

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