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The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) and Child Support

This scheme "addresses the shortage of affordable rental housing by offering tax-free financial incentives to investors".  Do you think the CSA would try and have this "Tax Free" income assessed for CS purposes?
My belief is that generally no they would not as formula based assessment doesn't cater for the benefits from this scheme. However, I have little doubt that if the parent were the liable parent and a departure from formula assessment were undertaken (the CSA term these as change of assessment or COA) then it would be classed as income or hidden income. For a recipient, according to evidence of the CSA's bias against liable parents/for recipients, it is highly unlikely that it would be seen by the CSA as income or hidden income.
It's quite an interesting scheme and a couple of people at work have already purchased under it.

My mum was thinking about moving over from Perth and was going to buy a house using some of her super as a 40% deposit. The banks didn't want to touch her as she's on a disability pension so she was thinking about renting which also proved difficult due to a shortfall in rental properties and high rental rates.  Agents also didn't want to touch her as she's on a pension (so glad I work and don't rely on CS or Government support for a living!).

Under this scheme I could purchase a property and rent it to her at a discount of 20% (or more).  She'd get rental assistance from the Government and I'd get some great tax incentives plus yearly tax free payments ($10000).  I'd also be entitled to standard rental property tax deductions.  Even if I took into consideration that the CSA would add back some rental deductions, I would still be ahead and my mum could move over (which would also assist me as due to child care etc).
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