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support lowers when the payee gets re married?

gday all im wondering if the ex gets married will my CS lower? her current partner works and she works part time but the CS only works on her tax as they are not living together or married but i think theyre planning to do so.
Very simple answer is no, it won't reduce. Child support is based on the inncome of the biological parents, not step parents. Although be wary of the change of assessment, where it is known that CSA are interested in the income of the step parent.

Be warned however, that if she is currently working, and stops, there does not seem to be an emphasis from CSA to encourage her to work, but if you try the same thing, well, you have been warned……
yeah the CSA can bank that il be working till the end.... hmmm so later in life when she decides to have more kids my child suport will actually go up again?
The CSA have no rights to add in a 3rd parties income.
Yes CS will go up when she has another kid and will go down if you have another one.
wow this is unfair.... i dont plan on having anymore kids but i know she wants more so i pay according to her ongoing life decisions
Jupp tell me about it, bm decided to quit her job so that's what we are paying for. Bm decided to withold the kids, we are paying for this too. Bm decided to move away, we are paying for this also.

Well I guess I will be having a child soon, cs will decrease. DH is self employed soon… Guess what? Exactly.

It's a whole lot of rubbish.
yeah im at the stage i need to see an accountant. i seem to get raked over the coals every tax year with CSA. im working hard to get myself in a position where i can get on with my life and CSA are there every step of the way ;)
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