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Stepfamilies and the Child Support Agency


Dear Parents,
Drummond Street Services/Stepfamilies Australia is running an important study on whether the Child Support System works well for stepfamilies. We have developed a survey for stepfamilies to complete which will help us provide important feedback to the Federal Government about whether the Child Support System is working well for stepfamilies and what could be done to improve it.
We would love to hear from you about your experiences with the system by filling out a short online survey. Your responses will remain confidential and will help us advocate to the Government for greater recognition of step/blended families.
Here is the link to the survey: Free Online Survey Software by SurveyMonkey: Closed Survey
The survey will close on Monday 31st January 2011.
You assistance is very much appreciated!
Please contact me if you have any queries about the survey or the project in general.
Kind Regards,
Jess Black
Program Support Co-ordinator
drummond street services
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Hiya Fairgo,

Have you seen any feedback from the survey.. It would make for interesting reading I'm sure..
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