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Second familys

I found that online and I am worried now if that's going to happen to me like that cause I have the feeling it will. It already started. Please if smeone has expieeiences to share like the moms of second familys in the post or also positive things please post them here. I am a bit scared. I don't want my kids to expirience that. It's not their fault being second family kids and I want them to grow up like in a first intact family.
Secondwife - as I mentioned before you have to come to terms with you husband's situation as it will effect you and your children for many years. It's not easy being involved in a second family. The breakup rate is higher than first marriages however it can also be a very happy and rewarding life experience. I think it depends on how well you and your husband work together to resolve problems. Good luck and keep searching for answers.
I am sorry I probably am a pain here in that forum. But it effects me already that I know I can't give my kids what I could give them if they would be first family. I feel guilty being angry that his kids are able to go to a privat school having a big house with pool and all new toys while our kids won't have all this. It's not for me I don't care. It's for my kids and I don't know if I should have some anymore as I want a conftable life for them, like I had. And I want us to be able to effort it and not my parents. Maybe I worry to much as I am in my early 20s and not ready for that challange even though I think I am.
The longer you wait, the older your stepkids will be and the better off you both should hopefully be financially.

Just make sure your husband accepts that just as he nears child-free status you will be wanting to take him back to nappies etc. Otherwise it will end in disappointment for probably both of you.
I think as older they get as more expensive they get. Cause we are living in a big city and she lives in the villige. I think if they grow up and go to uni or school in another 4-8 years they will move in with us. There we are 2 little kids to adultkids and huge costs as even if they are not 18 the mum doesn't have to pay any. We would need a bigger place aswell. More food. Don't get me wrong I love them but I don't see how to effort that. They will have to get a part time job paying petrol phone clothes and going out themselves. But I know my husband he already doesn't look at money if they are visiting. He takes them out lunch dinner and playing. Instead of cooking as I am working. That what worry me most. Who is paying uni fees? I am worried we can't effort nappys while he is giving his kids extra pocket money. I know him to well. He doesn't mean it but money he can't handle. He is very keen on a baby since we got married. We don't really want to wait till they are 18. He missed out on his 2 kids even when they were together as he used to work interstates for 15 years. He never wanted children again but after half a year when we got together he was becoming really keen on having a baby. He wants one now. As he says he wants to be a family with me his kids and our kids.
That's all possible that the finances will improve once kids reach 18.

However if the ex decides to move back to the city to retain majority care, and applies to C$A for a change of assessment for child support payments to continue whilst the children are undertaking post secondary school education up until the age of 25, then you may need to add a few years to your calculations.

You need to know what you are possibly in for and this is another possibility that you have not mentioned in your posts.

Please don't be discouraged by what I am saying. I'm sure if your husband really loves you and values his second marriage, he will change and support you and your kids more than in his first marriage.

I know I thought about that already. If that is going to be the case our children won't be able to enjoy the same kind of treatment. But by then I probably will work again too. I know they either moving with us and we have all the costs as the mother don't has to pay as far as I know. I put it into the calculator and no her payments are 11 bucks per week. Or we continue paying. But I hope a smaller ammount. But we will see. Well I will make sure my kids medical treatment education and other important stuff will go first before he is even thinking about getting them a car or paying them extra money for them to blow it. As I control the money to 99%  
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