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Salary Sacrifice and CSA

Hi All,

I have the opportunity to salary sacrifice a number of items and was wondering what's CSA's take on this. All the items being sacrificed do not attract FBT, however they will reduce my Taxible Income.

  • Professional Expenses Payments such as professional membership fees, subscriptions to trade journals, magazines and papers
  • Internet Expenses - You can salary sacrifice the cost of an Internet connection such as ADSL and/or dial up
  • Laptops and PDAs - Laptops and PDAs used both for private and/or business use can be salary sacrificed. A limit of one per year applies
  • Mobile phones and other equipment - Mobile phones can be included with salary packaging and paid for from your pre-tax dollar
haknbakr, I cannot tell you if the items listed below will be taken into account by CSA, but what I know for sure is that some salary sacrifice items show up on your group certificate and some do not for whatever reason. May be someone else has info on this.

However, if the salary sacrifice item does not show up on your group certificate, it will not be considered in your tax return, hence the CSA will not consider it either, because they do not know about it. Unless payee knows about it and puts in a COA. Then CSA will consider it for the cs calculation.
The items that appear on a Group Certificate/PAYE Statement are those items subject to FBT.
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