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retrospect CSA liability possible

My problem is that at the moment I only pay 'token' child support of $100 per month as the wife basically refuses me access to my 2yo child. Under formal assessment I would be charged $700 per month. We have no formal assessment from the CSA and the ex can get a formal assessment on me if she chooses. My issue is that does the CSA retrospectivly charge CSA for a period of time when no formal CSA assessment was formally on foot or is this a FCA issue?

Familyman2008 also, in another post, that is very similar (rather than duplicate it), said
Here is my issue. I have a 2yo child that I never see (complications with ex but that is a problem for another day).

She has re-partnered and has a good jon earning $100K+. At present I pay $100 per month in child support (private arrangement). Under the CSA calculator, as I am now earning very good money, the CSA would calulate my monthing liabilty to be around $750 per month. The difficulty is that the ex is happy to have me out of her and our child's life. And if I 'rock the boat' she will claim CSA. I have no problem with this but I am wondering if I would be retrospectively charged CSA liabilty for the last 12 months if there was never a child support assessment on foot. That is, the ex knows what I earn, knows where I live and knows who I work for and so she could have claimed child support off me whenever she liked- but choose not to.

My problem is- if I am under CSA assessment, can the CSA give me a big liability for a period when there was no CSA assessment on foot?

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