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repayment of 'overpayment' from six years prior

I would be very interested if anyone can plead advise me how to handle this situation, thankyou in advance

Brief outline I have two grown daughters now 21 and 23 and I was the custodial parent.

Our case was closed with child support in 2002 when my youngest turned 16.

My X, played and played with CSA since early 90's, not lodging returns, deception of income, assets in other peoples names etc etc, basically a dead beat.

He recently lodged his tax return for 2001 and now I am advised he overpaid me in that period, I strongly suspect the return is inaccurate as it is extremly low. CSA advised me I now owe this money to the Commonwealth and action will be taken to retrieve. They also advised if I want to ask for a review of this period I have a very short time frame as the seven year deadline is looming (even though he was six years late in lodging).

I am positive in the past when CSA had no actual income figures to work from they used adjusted amounts, and said that if there was an overpayment that was his problem because he didnt supply correct information and these payments werent recoverable.

I am getting conflicting information, one minute they say they cant act to recover the funds because the case is closed and it would have to be actioned through the courts, next they are saying you owe the Commonwealth and we will take action to recover from you,

help help help!!!!

any advice gratefully received, thankyou

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