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redundancy pay out and child support

I recently posted (in another thread) about redundancy pay outs and child support.  I can't add this to that thread because I was the last poster, so I have posted here instead.  I just thought it was worthwhile to update about what I was told by CSA after I called them.

Brief background…my ex partner received a substantial redundancy pay out and CSA told me it was not included for child support.  SPCA told me it may be included, so I called CSA back.  This is what they said….

Redundancy is part of taxable income.  However when my ex partner's assessment will be/was amended to reflect this higher amount he could argue that it was a one off and should not be included in the assessment as it would not reflect his true income.  He can then estimate his income for the next financial period to refect his true income.  Basically they include it, then they take it out at his request.  I don't know the technical or correct terms for this procedure but I thought I would post this in case others are of interest about how redudancy is treated.

I was told I could apply for a change of assessment based on his resources and capacity to earn, however since he was made redundant he could argue that he can't find work and he needs the pay out to live on.

In other words, the redundancy pay out is his, and he doesn't want to work so he pays minimal child support despite the fact that he got a six figure pay out.  He treats the pay out as income but doesn't pay child support based on the pay out income.

There is work in his field, he doesn't want to work.  That's his choice and I really can't be bothered with it all, I just wanted to point out that the system is not always biased against the payer.
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