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Provisional taxable income

Hello all, I was hoping for some insight in regards to my husbands new assesment due to him doing his tax return.  The Payee has obviously not done a tax return yet this year, and probably wont as she went back to work (therefore will reduce CS).  The previous year she didn't work at all due to having a new baby and hubby had to pay double CS due to this, her non working income was approx 17,000 for that year, however in this years new return her provisional income has been put at 9,500.

How is this possible????  If she didn't work at 17,000 how can they say that this year would only be 9,000??? Would it be because that would be her centrelink income after declaring her actual work income? though i would be surprised. I was hoping someone more experienced in this forum can explain this to me.  I know this may not be possible as i have been a regular reader of this forum but is there anyway to force someone to do their tax return, and if not when they finally do one (in the next tax year for eg) does the Payer get reimbursed for their incorrect payments?????

Another quick question i am also a payer and my ex still claims to earn $0 every single year as he runs his own business and CSA seem to not have done a thing in regards to this.  I know i can do a Capacity to earn request, if that is the correct one, but what are my other options?

Thanks for your help in advance
       with regard to the income I could only guess that that is the case. I'd say contact the CSA and ask them to explain, however my guess is that they would simply quote FOI (Freedom Of Information) about giving details.

Perhaps you (your husband) could initiate a COA for capacity to earn, in which case, unless it is dis-allowed, you'd be privvy to the financial information.

With regard to the second question (quick question longer answer), in theory as the taxable income provided is less than the maximum standard Parenting Payment Single ($13980) and if the recipient is not on income support, then they would be expected to pay the fixed assessment amount which is $1122 p.a. ($21.57) per child. However as the legislation applies this only at the end and not within the calculations, such a Payee is assisted by the legislation in not meeting their responsibility toward the child or children and the measure is not applied by what I can see. You could try to contest this as being unfair, unjust and inequitable for it not to be applied as an offset, however I believe that you would have a greater chance of getting a reason 8 Change of Assessment for Capacity to earn. Perhaps to initiate both would be a good idea.

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