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Payments and Penalties Query

All payments received are applied to CS maintenance owed before any late payment penalties.

Would someone please help me, a little confused O_o

Janus: The affect of this assessment diminishes my capacity to repay the outstanding arrears and penalties

CSA: Please be advised that all payments received are applied to child support maintenance owed before any late penalties.

I have been paying the assessment, plus the $50 in monthly penalties, plus additional $30 per month toward arrears.

Was assessed at the minimum rate for 4 months, was paying above mentioned amounts in penalties contributions toward arrears.

Debt including penalties has not changed.

If there is a CS debt, isn't that also maintenance owed?

Also sent application to enter a payment plan and have requested all penalties be remitted.

If I am successful may be able eligible for  loan to pay the outstanding debt in full.

If all the penalties are remitted, what happens to the penalties I have paid so far. Can they be used to offset some of the CS debt?

The less I have to borrow, the least amount of interest etc, plus bank manager would be more kind, as my only security is my employment.
   Here is a link to CSA guide about penalties:

   You will have to communicate with the CSA (via phone or letter) in regards to remitting the penalties and as you have a payment plan or are starting one, I am sure you will be successful. Ask them for the amount of debt not including penalties - tell them you are looking to get a loan to pay back the entire amount.

   In future if you keep debt under $1000.00 no late penalties are calculated.

Payments and Penalties Query

Hi All

I apologise for the mass of questions, a lot coinciding at once, desperate words of a desperate man:0

Could anyone advise whether there are late penalties for late penalties.

Example; pay arrears in full, but not all/some penalties from arrears.

Does CSA then apply penalties to the remaining figure??
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