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No control over how Child Support payment is used

Why doesn't the CSA oversee the payments that are made to the receiving parent?

My husbands ex partner applies for an amendment about every 4 months or so and on the form she lists that her superannuation has ex amount in it and everytime we get the form we check and for someone working only a couple of days a week and only just starting doing that in the last 3 years - she has an incredible amount of super - her superannuation increases by about the total amount of the payments that we make.  We think she is topping up her super with the child support payments - tax free.

Any suggestions?
                        I very frequently mention the fact that the very object of the legislation (section 4 of the Child Support Assessment Act and Section 3 of the Child Support Registration and Collection Act) is not fully covered by the legislation because the legislation lacks any enforcement of the responsibility after receipt of the monies on behalf of the child or children for whom it is intended. The reason behind this is quite clear, as I also often mention, the Government's only real interest is the amount of FTB that can be clawed back by what is in all but name a tax on one of the parent's of separation. This is very clearly shown by the reports that emanate from the CSA which only really detail the amount transferred or collected and the cost of doing so.

Furthermore, and again as I often say, the amounts themselves are grossly inflated, due to the FTB claw-back aspect. The very basis, the cost of children is based upon it costing the average family, when the average wage was below $50,000, over $500,000 to raise a child. In reality, considering that exploiting a child for monetary gain is abuse, the Government is without doubt one of, if not the largest, abuser of children in Australia. That's not even considering the other aspects that promote child abuse and abuse of the liable parent and the abuse of families of liable parents.

HappStepMum said
We think she is topping up her super with the child support payments - tax free.
In theory, a Change of Assessment (I assume what you have called amendments) should realise this and see this as additional financial resources. However, the CSA have renown, not only on here but even with the Ombudsman, for their bias toward collecting or transferring as high an amount as they can and in doing so unfairly applying the legislation, often only part of the legislation. Yet nothing really gets done and likely due to the Government supporting this as it basically results in greater taxation and more for the Government coffers.
Hi Happy Step Mum,

Let's be perfectly clear - the CS payee does not have to account for one cent of the money you and your hubby hand over.  She can use it to fund overseas holidays if she likes, or maybe a downpayment on a new car, a new dress etc etc etc.  CSA just doesn't care so long as the monthly amount is paid on time and in full - otherwise walnuts get cracked with sledgehammers.  CSA constantly preaches about the hard-earned money that is handed over each months being of "benefit to the children".  What rot!  There are some CSA payees out there who do genuinely put the money towards providing for the children, but there are lots who use it for other purposes too.

Don't get me wrong - if my kids needed $2k per month - I would pay it.  If they needed $200 per month - I would pay it.  The issue I have always had is that I hand over close to $1K per month, and all I see is university qualified Ex (who refuses to work - period) driving a near-new late model car, taking overseas holidays, always in new designer-label clothes and doen up to the 9's, whilst the children always rock up to our house in thread-bare clothes and worn out shoes (if they happen to have shoes on at all).  This is no lie.  But what can you do about it?  Absolutely nothing.

My partner & I both have good, well-paying jobs.  We have a nice house and the obligatory mortgage.  We own our car outright.  We both worked hard to get where we are.  But WE can't afford a new car or overseas holiday (or a domestic one at present) - yet Ex exists on CS payments, CentreLink handouts and tax breaks, and can afford all these things.  How?  The world is truly without justice.

CS payments should be administered using a debit card (as currently being trialled by CentreLink), which can only be used to buy food, clothes, pay school fees and maybe fuel etc etc.  As our CS payments are not paid by the government, I don't see such a system being introduced anytime soon.

Good luck!
If it wasn't my name beside this post, I would assume I had written it.  My story is (so far) 10 years old…

Am paying $800 a fortnight (deducted from my salary for God knows what reason - I've never been late with my payments, but still CSA say that they can, and they do) and both of my kids rock up in clothes that either don't fit, haven;t been washed, or have holes in them.  She drives a very nice Jeep Cherokee and looks a $million. Last Christmas, the ex gave my daughter a jewelry box and a pair of bed sheets.  My son got 2 xbox games.  At my end, they were spoiled…  It gets worse when the eldest forgets to take his school clothes back from my place and she demands I express post them (and I do…otherwise my boy cops the grief).

She refuses to work.  Her partner is the only bread winner in the family and she recently inherited several million dollars from her mother's estate but alas, its all in property and buildings and my initial inquiries with the CSA say that her assessment is based on income - not assets.  See my posting above looking for some assistance on this.

Also, I am raising three children who aren't mine or my partners biological children (hence, no deduction there because the CSA say that we are not legally obliged to care for them - and I type these words with smoke steaming from my ears…).  Given the name of the CSA assumes "supporting children", you have to wonder.  I can think of several other acronyms for CSA that I possibly couldn't type in here without a moderator removing them.

My sympathies to all of the other dads out there struggling to do the right thing but getting poked in the rear end at every juncture.
Roscoe - forgot to mention one other thing.  Ex has had a kid to her current 'partner' who she's been with for 5 years, but she doesn't 'live with him'.  She simply 'visits' every few nights whilst maintaining her own abode.  Why do you think this is so?  Anything to do with the sole parent pension and any other CentreLink benefits she may be scamming?
thats so sad hay,
i recently topped up hubbies CS for his ex wife of about $600 and she then say i dont want you to see him he hates you, stop sending him presents

BUT she is happy to take hubbies money isnt she GRRR she makes me angry :offtopic:

Children are innocent and should never be involved in adult saga!
Im not qualified to give legal advice and only give advice on my personal experiances:thumbs:
the only way you can have a say in where your CS $$ go is if you have less than 14% care of all kids on the assessment. then you can pay 30% (i think) of the total monthly obligation direct to school fees etc and the rest to the ex. its not much control, but it's some….
Roscoe it's not only Dads struggling to do the right thing. I'm a payer and I'm a mum. We have 50-50 care; he reduces his taxable income using income splitting under a corporate vehicle while I am a PAYE mug. He goes on overseas hols yearly while I cannot afford braces for my sons teeth and he refuses to pay anything toward them.
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