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No contact for Dad's - no money for Mum

D4E - Since the mother moved away from me, I'm unable to have the children over the weekend because of the distance  (currently she will not even let me see them be hopefully that will change)  When I do get contact than at best I can only hope to have them for the odd long weekend perhaps two day of it and some of the school holiday this would be under the 52 day a year.  By her moving away and withholding the boys she is guaranteeing max amount of CS. 

I'm just saying that her Actions should have Consequence!

She decided to move and thus limiting my chances for access so she should have a penalty for that action.  I not be able to move closer to her location as there are no jobs in the area.  I'm sure the CSA would take a dim view if I said I quit my job so I could be closer to my boys and thus since the area has not jobs and I'm unable to get another job, I'm unable to pay CS and centrelink would say no to payments also. The CSA would see this as a lifestlye choice and asset me at the old rate. 

My Cost of Children is nearly $10000 dollars we are both suppose to provide  support and she is on Welfare, where is hers?

One the "brighter side" I have spoken to the local FRC and will have my intake interview next week.  This is my second attempt at this the last time I tried the answer by my ex was "It is the Family Court and thats where I want it to stay"

Anyone have advice dealing with the FRC?
Monster I'm not sure if you are "typing" to me but there are no orders in place at this time.  The only orders I have were last year for some contact as contact would go against a VRO that was in place.  Currently there are no orders in place of any kind including the VRO.

I'm seeking a parenting plan with the FRC and from the good knowledge  I have learned here I will convert them into consent orders to be filed with the court. 

This dose bring up one questions, if by some chance we agree and consent orders are sort with would be the role of the ICL?
newguy said
This dose bring up one questions, if by some chance we agree and consent orders are sort with would be the role of the ICL?

My understanding is that if orders are consented to then, there is no involvement of the court other than to file the orders and as such no intervention by an ICL is required or ordered. An ICL is court appointed if deemed necessary when the court is asked to make a determination.
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Hey newguy I understand the frustration all this causes and I agree there should be consequences for actions but through the court system, you fall victim of fighting an emotional battle with C.S.A. who will just turn around and say " Well we only consider the kids " meaning we only consider the kids and their access to financial support and your it buddy.

Perhaps addressing the issue through the legal system will see you in a better advantage though sighting a reducing in C.S.A. should not be a penalty that you suggest or infer.

Perhaps open another topic in another more suitable area to regards other options, if this has not been done already, not being a smart a%^ just heeding sisyphus's suggestion.   
I have read through these posts and whilst they have strong validity IMO even though I don't see my children at the moment I have no issues with paying the amount set by the CSA. To be honest once it goes to court the important issue is to have the children back in my life and I in theirs. Money pales into insignificance when put into perspective. Being able to see, care for and share love and bonding with the children is all that matters. No I am not well off financially but I do, and, will get by with the children back in my life.

Money is material. Love for your children is so much more.
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I am in the situation as the mother who has just over 50% care, my ex screams up and down and blue murder that because of this he should not pay and it is the most tiny payment I think csa could ever imagine, it had been almost nothing before the new tax returns were in so it's absolutely laughable.
I like this idea though I have male friends whose ex's manipulate the system like this and one who hasn't seen his daughter more than twice in a year so yar cut them down but no offensive to the guys and girls on here genuinely trying to pay there csa payments properly but I like what the UK has brought in habitual child support avoiders (and that means if it is intentional not if you are going through right channels for a reassesment) will loose their drivers licence, lets see how hard that hurts seems to be the opinion and apparently it's working. when the threat letters went out 60% paid up and another 15% organised a payment arrangement and 25% lost their licences effecting there time to see the kids or work. this goes for men and women all over UK not paying their child support.
good on the UK just looking at the pay ups and arrangements it seems to work, since when has the oz csa had those statistics on overdue child support.
unfortunately there are too many of the father's with no contact but paying cs,  i fully agree to supporting your children, but its the amount . And also the big issue of the care factor. We have an court oder for 42 days has been for 10 yrs but never has the order been fulfiled. But we can not afford to take it to court. And its under the care factor.
I hope someday , somehow that the cs and family law can somehow be combined as they are both there to help the children.
I just think its wrong that ex's with the children have the power to decide whether their children see their paying parent on a regular bases, it should be about each parent having equally time to know their children.  

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