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Multiple Concurrent COA's?

Is it possible to have multiple concurrent Changes of Assessments in progress at onece?

Short history - my partner currently has a COA ongoing for the payer father trying to hide income into a family trust - Just passed the 12 month mark & investigations & objections ongoing. Father pays only $30 per month for 3 children ($400 per yr).

One of my partners children now requires orthodontic work done (non cosmetic) to cost in the vicinity of $2500. About half of this will be covered by our Private health. Same child also undergoes weekly speech therapy & remedial maths tutoring as he's in the bottom 5% from yr 5 Naplan results. All very necessary interventions. Child has a health care card but didn't qualify for carers payment.

The yearly out of pocket cost of all this (Ortho, speech & maths) is approx $4000. We can't afford this so the ortho work will have to wait or the speech & maths help will have to go on hold - both outcomes of which are bad for the child.

Is it possible to have 2 Changes of Assessment in progress at the same time?

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