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Limited Child Support Agreement

I have Limited Child Support Agreement (agreement) for my two daughters executed in May 2014

The Limited Child Support Agreement is based on terms agreed in a collaboration process where I agreed to pay child support of $1,000 per month.

This agreement includes the following paragraph

The father shall pay by way of periodic child support the sum of $115.50 per week for each of the children, a total of $231.00 per week, a total of $1,000 a month payable monthly in advance with the first payment to occur on 1 April 2014 and monthly thereafter

The agreement contains a calculation error. The annual amount of child support payable based on the amount per week specified in the agreement is $12,012.  The annual amount of child support payable based on the amount per month specified in the agreement is $12,000

This agreement was lodged with the Child Support Agency whom assessed child support as an annual amount of $12,012 as they calculate based on the weekly figure.

My question is how can I get the Child Support Agency to change their assessment to reflect the amount I agreed to in the collaboration process, $1,000 per month?

Im aware we are talking about a small amount. However, I have a shared care arrangement (50:50 time) and already pay child support amount greater than Im required to. Im also interested in learning more about the system
As the agreement stands ie with the words week then there is an ambiguity ie 231 * 52 is $2012, whilst the annual rate specified is $12000 (total of $1,000 per month). It could well be argued that the word total is conclusive. However, the CSA are quite notorious for a "collect as much as possible" stance and would likely throw many thousands of dollars of taxpayer money rather than have their top line of reporting reduced by the $12. As such to argue against this decision could well be fruitless. However, you could try to object to the decision and I'd suggest that using wording along the lines that total is very specific and conclusive and that the figure 231 was provided only as an general idea of the weekly amount and that any CSA employee well versed with assessment making would know that weekly amounts that are exactly a dollar amount are against the norm. Perhaps also question the competence of a person who fails in their duty of care to have an ambiguity ruled out (eg make a complaint about the employee who processed this regrading their failure to abide by the public service guidelines which require "An APS employee must act with care and diligence in the course of APS employment."). Ignoring an ambiguity is not acting with care and diligence.

An alternative/parallel approach would be to have the agreement changed (be careful as they can't actually be changed they have to be terminated and replaced). The issue here is that without the other parent's agreement, you need a court order (very unlikely as the $12 would very likely fall into the insignificant basket), or have to wait for a three years.

If the other parent agrees then the new agreement must include a provision terminating the previous agreement.

e.g. This agreement hereby terminates the limited agreement as submitted on dd/mm/yyyy.

I'd suggest having a look at 2.7.5 Changing or terminating a child support agreement and then perhaps have a look at all of section 2.7.

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