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Joint bank accounts

If the CSA or SSAT were to request bank statements from a payer, would the payer have to submit bank statements which are in joint names? If so, what if one of the signatories on the joint account, who has no CS liabilites, refuses permission to submit the statements. What would be the repercussions or possible consequences?
Personally I would not pass on this info to CSA (especially if the other person's consent was not given for their financial details to be disclosed),

SSAT I would, but only if proper Directions were given. Keep in mind that CSA (and SSAT) have to power to ask the banks to pass on this information to them so this will be a test to see if the information required is truly relevant to the matter or they are on a fishing expedition.

If you do have to disclose, make sure ALL identifying details - other party's name, address, account numbers, branch even the bar code on the statements & locations of where EFPOS has been used (eg supermarkets), & receipt numbers etc have been blacked out.
I would suggest that you should never provide CSA with anything at all, unless they can explain to you why they need the information.  This should cause you no recriminations at all.  After all, its the law.
Bigred, really? wow.  Of course explanations from them of any kind are like pulling wisdom teeth (which have already been removed).  It's a non event.  I've made many calls asking simple and specific questions.  What I get is a whole gammut of the entire case detailing useless and irrelevant information.
So what law are you referring to?  Bear in mind, I am the token simpleton on this forum.
Slightly off topic, my research and investigations have uncovered some pearlers regarding their decisions and our dealings with them.  And some of those senior mediocre officers wouldn't supply their names if they knew what was good for them. Background and historical career checks are priceless.
Back on topic, there has been no request for any bank details yet. Simply wondering if they ask for the payers statements, is he automatically obliged to offer joint accounts.
Thanks also for your input valere, well noted and much appreciated.
ajae, suggest you read the Privacy ACt 1989, s14 which contains the Information Privacy Principles which mandate how CSA (and other Government Depts) should deal with us and our personal information.  

I know this next remark will raise the ire of some readers here, but I agree that CSA is staffed by very mediocre folk who have either failed in real Government jobs or cannot get a gig in a real Government agency.  I used to think Centrelink was woeful, but it is a star compared with this mob.  Ooops!   
bigred, don't get me started. They are like demented avengers that march cheerfully out of obscurity into your life.
I will read the privacy act, but "should" never applies to CSA from previous experience. Other govt departments seem to manage though.
Also be careful what you give to the SSAT as the C$A and the ex will also get a copy!
Bigred - In my opinion the majority of C$A only aim for mediocrity and consistently fail miserably to achieve it.
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