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Hubby had enough

CSA made a correction to an assement once false information found

After another 20 phonecalls she decided to agree to let the children visit but not before December and the money was in big discussion once again.

She reckon she is getting 200 bucks less. As the CSA letter said 1200 instead of 1000. Well u know my story. That was sent to her after 07/08 tax return. She said she never made an assessment and was confused. We belives her.

Yesterday after an early morning money phone call from her, hubby rang the friend of his brother who is working for CSA. She just started again after her having a baby. Anyway, it turned out she was lying all the time. She provided CSA with wrong information. She made a COA a while back. It said no collecting as there is private agreement.

He is supposed to pay 1200 with him having them 0 days. So we changed the number of nights on it. Turns out to be just a little bit over 800 bucks. With his new pay and her not having a pay rise it's still just 880. If our calculation is right she must be on a wage of over 70000 instead of 55000 she is telling us. The calculations where made by the CSA but if course they font tell us her wage. Also date is set for mediation. At least we have something to put in. Thanks guys wouldn't be that far without u. Xoxo
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