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How can I stop having to apply for Change of Assessment?

My child's father has not lodged a tax return for 5 years and each year I have to apply for change of assessment for an accurate calculation

My ex has had similar regular income since his last tax return 5 years ago, so I asked CSA if they can just continue on with this income instead of me having to apply for change of assessment each year. They said the assessment is only good for one year. It seems like such a waste of everyone's time and resources to go through the whole process every year.

The ATO don't care either as he is most probably due a tax refund when he finally does lodge.

If I don't keep applying for the change of assessment each year then the child support significantly decreases as it reverts back to his old income when he only worked for half the year during the last year that he lodged a tax return.

Any suggestions on how to make this process easier?
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