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Ex Hiding Her Income

I've just come accross this site while looking up CSA and salary sacrifice in Google.

I have been paying child support for 2 years now while my ex has done nothing but shack up with someone else to have a second child whilst always claiming $0 income as far as CSA are concerned.  However I have just found out that she has gone back to work (cash in hand) and with her Centrelink payments, plus the cash in hand, she will actually be earning about the same as me somewhere in the range of $50,000 a year.

As I understand the new CSA scheme both incomes would be taken into account when working out what my repayments would be.  However, because her centrelink payments don't count, and she is getting cash in hand, she is still going to be classed with a $0 income!

Is there any real course of action that can be taken to have this addressed?  Or am I screwed no matter what?



How do you know she is working cash in hand? What evidence do you have? Contact(write) Centrelink first and tell them what you know, then write to CSA. You will need some evidence.

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My husband was in the exact same position as you about 7 years ago before his ex took ill.

We heard she was claiming Centrelink plus working cash in hand. We submitted this information through Centrelink fraud line etc, etc and eventually she wormed her way out of it.

But what she couldnt worm her way out of was the private investigator we hired. She was caught earning well into 40's. At that point they are not cheap but we only needed to hire for a week to get the evidence we needed. Mind you no jail time but it also wasnt shared income then, we were just sick to death of her sponging off us (she was forever applying for change of assessment to up her cash) and sprouting bad things about her ex not paying enough, that was our motivation.

Yours however would be well worth doing.

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My X was put in several times by different people before SS acted, when they did they back dated the fraud to the first complaint.

She also committed fraud concerning FTB A&B.

End result was simply pay the money back by reducing her incoming payment, this was quickly remedied on her part by having the boyfriend move out across the road putting her back in the fold.

By the way there are many advantages for yourself and your partner in joining the site, you will have access to more of the site including many informational documents and so on.

If you feel there are other areas that you require help it really is worth the limited time and effort.

All the best I hope some of the responses help.

courteously D4E  
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