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Enforcement Hearing by C$A - Any insight welcome

Despite following the C$A’s advise to contact Legal Aid to see about a Departure Order Application and advising them that I would filing the application within 14 days (after I had the appointment with Legal Aid, the Case Officer has pushed ahead and prepared an Enforcement Hearing. ( I was served the papers yesterday)
I Should say in a telephone call with the Case Officer, he repeatedly stated he can ‘easily prepare the papers for enforcement and most likely would do so as it was the easier option for him”  ( This week I will be lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman’s Office regarding his interaction.)

Whilst I don’t dispute there is a debt, the C$A claim it is in the order of $ 17785.00 (including $2010.00 in fee’s and now $ 2200 in application filing costs, I do and have done so for some time disputed how it has been calculated.
The was a 5 month period last year (where the bulk of the debt was added) where the C$A used and income of $ 174 000 making monthly due amounts $ 2469 where my income was $ 29980.00
The Case officer even acknowledged in the call he see’s ground for about $ 7000 to be reduced ( I have the recording of the call) & 5 x $ 2469 =’s $ 12,345.00, not $ 7000.00)  however he did not like the fact that I advised I was going to make a Departure Application to have over periods old than 18 months reviewed and have this one assessment period in the same application.

I guess after outlining where things are at, my question is :
Given the Case Officer said that the enforcement Hearing does not allow any grounds to raise how the debt was calculated and they will seek the $17785.00

Does anyone have any knowledge if there is a way to still lodge the Department application or any other process whereby I can request the debt amount is reviewed.?

I have repeatedly informed the C$A I want to clear this matter and want to sort the arrears, I simply want a start point that we both agree on. Based on the Case officers statement above, I even offered to use the June 2014 statement of arrears, pay that and not make the Departure Application for the periods older that 18 months ( There are 2 periods where they used $ 274K and $ 236K adding about another $ 3900 extra in debt above what it should have been if they used my correct income.

Also,     Does anyone know if the Australian Government Solicitor with their paperwork inviting contact to discuss settlement before the hearing, will actually accept where the evidence is strong that incorrect incomes have been used….or will they simply want to discuss settlement on the amount of debt the C$A have advised them it is??

I should also add, Legal Aid only provided a 45 minute telephone call, saying they don't support child Support cases, and I simply cannot afford a private Lawyer.

Thank you in advance for any contributions.
I'd suggest that the entire reason that the matter has to go to court is to ensure that the debt is in fact a just debt. Therefore I believe the officer is wrong to say that the cause of the debt cannot be a matter for the court to consider.

Of course the officer must be able to provide the legislated reason why they are stating this; if not then they are not serving the public they are bound to serve in the manner in which they are required to serve.

I'd suggest that you have a look at as many cases as possible that involve the Child Support Registrar via austlii. It is highly likely some of the cases will involve debt recovery.
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