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Deadline for reply

What timeframe should I give CSA to repy to emails before taking the matters further?

Today I wrote 3 emails to CSA on separate issues, those being: 1. Advice to re instate overpayment that I was persuaded to give due to misinformation;  2. Request for explanation as to how CSA concluded that I suddenly had a debt; 3. Request for explanation of how they  satisfied the requirements for Reason 8 (Section 117…) in a COA application by the ex.

I've requested only written (email or mail) communications from them in future.  How long should I give them to reply before I take these matters to SSAT and Ombudsman?
I don't believe the legislation has any set time limits, unlike in other areas where the registrar has set time limits (i.e. when it comes to decisions that have a concrete chance of obtaining money and thus reducing the FTB paid). However I would expect that beyond 28 days would be an unreasonable amount of time, especially considering that the registrar has made the actual decisions in very little time. After that and perhaps weekly after I would raise a complaint about the lack of service, perhaps increasing who the complaint is received by.

You cannot ttake the matter to SSAT until the decision of the objection has been given, you then have around 28 days to take it to SSAT.
ajae - If you have not put the words "objection to a CSA decision" in your correspondence to them, you may not get a response at all.
Thanks for that info Fairgo, much appreciated. It's obvious I am very new to this, but I rather thought I could not lodge an objection to the CSA before I had the correct information from them. I didn't want to rock the boat before I had the facts, lest I unberth myself rather than the shipload of fools, so to speak.  I'll phone them (eeww) and ask them how long it will take before a reply.  Lovely how they dump this on us 3 days before christmas and 2 weeks before they re open. Of course we have to take this gently as any hint to the ex will put the kids (due on the 9th for a week) in a confused mood - you know what I'm talking about.  Pfft, God help them come the 4th - they will have an avalanche of 'stuff' to deal with given this time of year.
Thanks again Fairgo, your advice is much appreciated.  
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