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CSA won't reply to emails

After 6 months and 10 emails...they WILL reply verbally over the phone

Over the past 6 months I have sent about 10 emails to CSA on different topics with different questions.  Never, ever have I received a reply in writing or return email to any of my emails.  Recently I received, via a FOI request, CSA's Procedural Instructions.  From this I gleaned that any email requests are held on file (in tray) until the CSA has contact with the requester over the phone, then answers the query at that time.

So WTF is going on there?  Email is one of the most efficient forms of communication, yet, CSA can't quite get its head around it. And they espouse it on the website as an easy form of communication to answer clients' questions.

Try it yourself.  Email them with a simple question.  Wait for a few weeks, then phone them with a different issue and see them raise the email issue towards the end of the conversation and resolve it verbally.

Had I known that my emails would never be returned, I wouldn't have bothered.  How many ppl are still waiting on email replies.?

It's the usual wasting of clients' time and effort.  Most payers just want to get on with paying CS.  The ridiculous bungling and bureacracy is balking the system.
I have been a write only client for a number of years and I always get a written reply. I do not use email to correspond with them so maybe you should just do it the old fashioned way and you might have some joy with them. Only use the phone for general enquiries and never give them information over the phone - keep it always in writing via snail mail.
Ajae have a look at some of the Commonwealth Ombudsman's Reports where CSA identify that their preferred manner of communication is by telephone as opposed to mail ( or email). They have been criticized for this in the past. Perhaps one way of getting a written response is to make a request that your email request be replied to in writing. 

Executive Member of SRL-Resources, the Family Law People on the site (Look for the Avatars).   Be mindful what you post in the public areas
Write an email to their CEO, including copies of all your emails.  Copy it to Chris Bowen.
By CEO do you mean the Deputy Secretary?  Frankly, she's no better than the rest of them.  

I now only write to the Secretary and even then it takes around 6 weeks to get a reply - which is usually wrong.
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