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CSA's amended "representative authority" form

Please do not sign the CSA's amended "Representative Authority" form, until you have had legal advice.

Hi to everyone

Please do not sign the CSA's amended Representative Authorityform, until you have had legal advice.

Sue Price of the MRA spoke with me recently. After our discussions, I believe that there is some concern about the revised wording of the CSA's newly amended Representative Authority form.

CSA Forms site

PDF File Representative Authority

This form has to signed by a person who represents another person in a child support matter. This person can be (and often is) a non-lawyer.

The layout of the form suggests that the person who signs as a representative also accepts the potential liability of up to $2000, if the person that they are acting for has been found to have made a false statement.

We would suggest any person who is considering signing this amended "Representative Authority" form, should obtain legal advice before so doing.

John Flanagan

7. Statement

Section 159A(1) of the Child Support (Assessment) Act 1989 provides that a person commits an offence if the person makes a statement to a CSA officer that is false or misleading in a material particular. Penalty: fine not exceeding $2000.

Your signature
John Smith*

I declare I have read and understood the information provided including the terms of revocation of this authority.


Your representative's signature
Sally Brown*
I declare that I have read the above and undertake to act as representative for the person named.


* Note: fictitious names added


CSA Forms page

PDF File HTML version


Last edit: by Secretary SPCA

CSA are looking at this issue currently and will get back to us. Thanks, John and Sue for raising the matter.

Executive Secretary - Shared Parenting Council of Australia
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