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CSA Reveiws of old assessments

Has the government actually announced how much money they wish to save on Family Tax Benefits payments  by directing CSA to reveiw and amend assessments back as far as they like?

As far as I can see there is no time limit as to how far back they can go and obviously if you look to find something and you are  the Child Support agency you will find something or make it up as you go along.

Along with these amendments to assessment come fines. How many Payers will just pay up just to get CSA out of there lives?

All this when There is NO support for payers who have overpayed due to CSA incompetence or Proven by paternity testing they are not liable for payments to get there money back.

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cant fool all of the people all of  the time unless they work for CSA and youre a Payee:)
You are correct there is no support payers. This is not surprising given their mandate that all C$A employees shall be only concerned with collection and nothing else. They even dangle a measley .5% pay increase if they can justify that they have increased collection.

Re fines - do not pay them as you can usually negotiate to have them remitted. It may take a while but if you persist with the C$A you will have some success.
When is the .5% pay increase ultimately justified?

In our case a decision was made to increase collection.  But the decision was found to be flawed when we complained about CSA's "findings", yet the assessment remained the same.  
Our objection is now being considered, and I believe we may be found to be "actually telling the truth" because of our submissions.  These submissions took a lot of time and investigation on our behalf. We have also proved that the RP's allegations were frivolous and fraudulent. As were her wild variations of income vs expenditure.

And why, oh why does it take such rediculous processes to prove a point? Why can't the CSA ask the appropriate questions and find the appropriate answers in the first place??   Because, the RP can make any allegations they like and the CSA can find a way to substantiate them…Unless and until the Paying Parent fights long and hard to disprove them.

We are hoping that our case will prove the RP to be less than credible, and that any COA's brought by her in the future will be properly SCRUTINIZED, as is suggested in their Procedural Instructions.

Leroy is spot on with his observations of how the system works (using the term 'works' loosely) regarding the payer.  And it's unfair that payers must persist to have fines eventually remitted.

From previous experience, payers must fight long and hard to get any kind of justice in the CSA system.  And what cost to the taxpayer?  How much does the average COA cost? And how much more when the payer spends mindless amounts of time on letters and gathering of evidence to overturn it?

Seriously folks.
They do what they do because they are programmed to think that collection is the highest priority. If they do not collect they become redundant. That is why they treat payers with contempt and payees with kindness.

Try working out the cost of a COA, Objection to a decision, SSAT appeal & Court or AAT appeal all just to decide on a simple care percentage that Family Assistance worked out with no appeals from either parent.
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