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CSA intercepting tax returns - any experiences

The CSA relies quite heavily on intercepting tax returns to collect arrears. Does anyone know if they take the amount outstanding from the previous month or the balance at the date of interception? Also, anyone ever successfully contested an intercept?
You can petition the Registrar to have your penalties waivered… Generally I think they do this at the very end of your liability (child 18+) but you have to be a very good boy i think….

You are correct they cannot take the Tax return to pay penalties…. but having said this - are the penalties still considered a "Debt"…. which once again gives them full access to these new powerful laws?
You should ask for a penalty to be remitted every time one is added.  When they decline, object.  When the objection fails appeal to SSAT.  The SSAT has to report each year on what it does.  It will not "pull any punches" unlike the CSA.
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