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CSA have increased CS payable

I am having trouble comprehending this. Hubby received 3 new assessments from CSA with the following dates:

1. 1/11/10 - 29/01/11 - $160.00 per week for 2 children aged 17.9 months and 12.10 months.
2. 30/01/11-??/02/11 - $175.00 per week for same children
3. ??/02/11-31/01/12 - 130.00 per week for 1 child

I got on to the CSA website to calculate what the CS would be for 1 x 13 yr old and their calculator told me $100.00 per week yet their estimate states $130.00 per week.

I rang CSA and was told that CS is not solely based on income, it is also based on the age of the child and that when a child turns 13 the amount payable increases.

I have NEVER heard of this before. I always thought it was a percentage based on the wages less self support income.

I have been to their page with the support tables and quite frankly it is just gobbledegook, but even there it states 23% for one child.

Can someone please explain this to me in simple english why the amount of CS hubby pays increases when a child turns 13.

HimaandMe, I've changed the dates as this indicates the child's actual birthday which could perhaps be classed as identifying the children.

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First it is correct, according to the legislation that CS increases when a child turns 13.

The tables are similar to tax brackets. However, they are more complicated and they have a reverse effect in comparison to tax. That is as you earn more the tax rate (percentage) increases. With CS as the income increases the CS rate reduces.

The greater complication is that in addition to the brackets they also cater for various groups of children.

There is set of groups(bands is an alternative term that could be used) for 1 child under 13, another for 2 children under 13 and another for 3 or more children under 13.

Another set of groups is for 1, 2, and 3 or more children 13 or older.

There is yet another set for mixes of age groups (the oldest children are taken first), there is a one for one child who is under 13 and one who is 13 or over (i.e. 2 children of mixed age groups), there is another for three children of mixed ages (either 2 13+ child plus 1 under 13 or 1 13+ child plus 2 under 13's).

Using the CS tables, lets assume an combined child support income of $50,000 for 2 under 13's. The you go to table A. And look under the column that says 2 children (starts at 24%). You then find the row, looking at the leftmost column, that would include the amount of $50,000 (i.e. the at that says $29,428 to $58,854). So the cost of the children would be $7,062 plus 23c (23%) for each $1 over $29,427 i.e. (50,000 - 29427) * .023 = $4,732 + $7,062 = $11,794.

Now assuming all that has changed, is that one child has turned 13 then the cost of the children is obtained by looking at Table C under the 2 children column and against the row that says $29,428 to $58,854. So the cost of the children would now be $7,798 plus 25.5c for each $1 over $29,427 (25.5%) i.e. (50,000 - 29427) * 0.255 = $5,246 + $7,798 = $13,044.

However the liable parent only pays a percentage of the cost of the children. This percentage is based upon two factors, the percentage of the child support income of the parent, less any reduction due to the level of care (e.g. 0-13% care = $0 reductions, 14-34% = 24% reduction (it then gets a little more complicated, which I can say if you like).

Hopefully this will make the tables a little clearer.

P.S. there are two calculators available here. The advanced calculator, which is recommended, can cater for calculations that the CSA's estimator cannot. It also doesn't have the bug which the Estimator has (sorry I've forgotten what the bug is). It's also simpler, everything is input in one page, and more informative. There are even people in the CSA who use the calculator in preference to the estimator.
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