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CSA enquiry questions

Hi FWLG - can I ask a few questions about CSA that I can't seem to get from another source (namely their website).

1.  Are child support payments taken into account when assessing the ex's centrelink's payment?
2.  My daughter is taking an apprenticeship next year (she will be 16 in Aug) - do I still have to pay CS when this happens?
3.  Any ideas what kind of proof I need to present to CSA about the ex's unreported income?
1. Yes, but not in total or perhaps how you would think. FTB payments cab be reduced (A search on FTB would likely shed some light on the subject).
2. Probably yes (ie an apprenticeship is considered continuing schooling and isn't a "terminating event"). However, you may get a reduction via a departure from administrative assessment (commonly called a change of assessment)  by way of reason 4 - Income of the child.

You may wish to have a look at:-
The CS Guide -2.10.3 - Terminating Events and The CS Guide - 2.6.10 - Reason 4 - Income of the Child

I would suggest being very cautious about Change of Assessment though, again a good search and read of material here should clarify why the caution.

3. The best proof would be for her taxable income to reflect the values and therefore it may well be better to consider providing evidence to the ATO. Again the CSP (used to be CSA) have a record of bias against paying parents as it's primarily about what they can report to have collected (which low and behold reduces FTB payments).
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