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CSA Addbacks To Taxable Income

Are they allowed to do this?

Just looking at the new CSA Notice of Assessment for the coming year and again I just don't understand how they can decide for themselves that my Taxable Income is $13,000 higher then what my Taxable Income is stated to be on the notice of assessment from the tax office. As we know, they add back deductions and apparently extra super paid by the company. But does legislation allow them to do this and WHY do they not provide a summary of how they came up with their own figure?

I am currently ASSUMING that they have calculated the higher taxable income from the following sources ;

- Extra super paid by the company (out of my control - the company policy is to pay an extra 4% super. It's nice to have but I can't use it to pay for the extra CS it's costing me - I can't get at it)
- Car allowance deduction - company provides me with a car allowance to use my car for work - not to allow me to pay extra CS!
- Fringe benefits paid by the company - same per above

It's out of control. How can they claim that my taxable income is DIFFERENT to what the tax office says it is - and not even provide a summary of how they came up with their number? They are not the tax office - how can they do this? I just find it totally dispicable!

yes they will.  But "can" they is debatable.
If you let them, then yes they can, if you fight it, they cannot.

I'm in a similar situation and they are trying to include the extra super.
I'm fighting it as not only can I not access it, but there's a policy that prevents it being converted to cash.

You're going to have to find a way to play their game and ensure all FBT payments don't appear on your group certificate
Whatbus said
…You're going to have to find a way to play their game and ensure all FBT payments don't appear on your group certificate …
It's not so much a case of finding a way to hide your income as a COA would most likely "Unhide" it but rather determining whether certain parts of the extra income (4% extra super, car allowance, other fringe benefits) should be according to the legislation should be included or not.

What are the "other fringe benefits"?

"I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realise that what you heard is not what I meant."

Fringe benefits is petrol mainly. Company issues a motorcharge card that I use to pay for petrol. As a result it appears on my group certificate and CSA adds it back in and I pay more child support.

The super issue particularly irks me as I don't have the benefit of accessing that money to pay for the increased child support related to the company's generosity in paying additional super for me. (The company paying this extra super in to my fund is not at my request - I'd sooner have the money - it's company policy and they will not pay it direct to me)

ask your employer to take back your petrol card, then claim your petrol as an expense, this way it won't be appearing on your group certificate as FBT.
You will still get the same value, it wont make any difference to your employer, but it wont show up on your Group Certificate.

I think you said something about a car allowance?  If so, ask them to rescind that, and put in an expense claim each week/fortnight/month.  Same result as pertol card.

I would object on the extra superannuation, using the COA process and submit a letter from your employer saying there is a policy that the extra super can not be converted to income and must be paid into a super fund.
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