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Constant Changes to assessment

Honestly CSA are doing my head in with constant changes of assessment. Historically I have had to pay maintenance on my son who lived with his stepdad (my ex). Our natural daughter lives with my ex too but as I also have two of our natural children with me the ex was to pay ME maintenance on them. The ex then cut his hours down to 3 days a week to avoid paying maintenance, works 6 but gets most of it cash in hand or in kind somehow. This causes various different assessments over different periods however all CS was to cease when my Son turned 18 or left home. Son left home and is now self supporting, so in comes another assessment, along with a monumental stuff up where the computer dropped the youngest daughter off the file as no longer living with me since 2006. No problem - 3 phone calls and 2 weeks later that issue is sorted. Staff were very helpful in sorting it out and bent over backwards.

The issue is now I find I am still having to pay the ex maintenance, I ring up and enquire to find out it is for the daughter living with him as his income is declared at 28k per year and mine at 33k, even with the two children I have it is more than he "earns" and I now have to pay him for her. The annoying thing is I didn't have to pay for her when the son was living there, and the assessments before the son moved were that when he turns 18 the situation reverses and the ex has to pay me. Both incomes have apparently had no change since the assessment where the ex cut down his hours.

And this is BEFORE the new changes come into effect!

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.

What is with that

That is the same problem I have. One child gets more then two. I have never worked out how I pay to my ex for one child and he pays nothing for 2 children. I have been told that there is a set figuire for the first child and apparently with the second child you only get a small amount more say 5%. The second child or third whatever the case do not need to be fed or clothed…
Thing is they sent me two assessments - the 1st included two children, payment for one as he is the step son. The second assessment was for when my son turned 18, stating the ex would then have to pay me cos I have 2 and he has 1. I asked them about why it has changed (and no letter informing me) and they said it was because he earns less than I - however the income is the same as the original assessment. It seems they can just chop and change as they want.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
the reality is, most assessments are grossly over rated..I pay over $700 per month for two kids and thats with 50/50 shared care.  I am sorry but i don't go anywhere near spending that much on two kids in a month..sorry but the payments are for the kids not for the parent…if everyone did an honest days work then our society wouldn't be in this predicament.  society would be better off if we were to place funds into an education fund or the like for future use, rather than passing to a prent who spends at their desire - cigarettes, rent, alcohol whatever…show me receipts that the money was spent on the children - yeah sure!

if its any wonder people work for cash -  will be be soon, the legislation is flawed.
but do your assessments chop and change constantly ? I have no objection to paying support if the situation was that my ex genuinely earned less than myself and declared all his income.

Also I think it a misconception that CS should go directly on the kids. At the same time I agree that it is NOT designed to fund the other parents lifestyle (the usual bugbears of cigarettes, alcohol and pokies). It is designed to assist with the needs of the children and that includes a home to live in and the related costs such as electricity, rates, bedding etc not just the things that can be seen like clothes.

When you are swimming down a creek and an eel bites your cheek, that's a Moray.
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