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Confidentiality of CSA Complaints

A quick question re the complaints process

Guys n Girls….  Hoping someone can assist here

When one makes a confidential (as CSA put it) complaint about an officer or person, does this entitle the officer/section that has been complained about to view, read or get a copy of the complaint or are they supposed to be held in confidence until the process has completed?

Any experieinces - Let me know…
I would think that at some point they would se a summary of the complaint, they would also have to have the identity of the person who made the complaint, or they would not be able to defend themselves.

I cant see them actually having access to the notes the original person who took the report wrote

Its pretty standard procedure in PC offices these days.

Its only a guess, but thats what i would assume

Its funny but as i am reading these CSA forums i notice lots of people having problems. Whenever i have had to use them they have bent over backeards to help. I have no complaint with them in three years

It is me who received payments though, i am beginning to see this might make a difference

They must find it difficult, those who have taken authority as the truth, rather than truth as the authority

Nice puppy Gooner… n thanks.

I am talking about the unabridged version - what I am talking about is the "actual" complaint, the full conversation, email, letter…. unedited, not yet investigated by complaints etc…. that is what one has said and how one has said it.

Yes the fact you recieve might be a factor… and of course your ex's attitude and your attitude towards each other play a big factor. You will read on here about CSA segmenting "clients" into different categories… on the payee side (yours) there are 2 or 3. on the Payer side….there a LOT more….
nxus, it depends on the nature of the complaint, but generally under the rules of natural justice the person being complained about should be made aware of the substance of the complaint and given a chance to respond.  
If I am reading the CSA Guide correctly the section or person who the complaint is made against will be involved in the process, that to me would mean either being briefed on the complaint or being given a copy of the complaint.

Here is the Section from the CSA Guide about the complaints process.

6.9.3: The steps in the complaint handling process

Version 2.0, Last updated 17 March 2008 5:00pm
Information in this version of The Guide applies from 1 July 2008
Refer to the previous Scheme Guide for information until 30 June 2008

CSA policy is to respond promptly to every complaint it receives. CSA has a 3-step complaint process which is set out below. However, complaints about very serious misconduct may be reported directly by the Customer Service Officer, manager or Complaints Officer to the relevant CSA Service Delivery Manager for further action.

CSA keeps a record of all complaints and the action taken to resolve them.

Step one

When a CSA officer receives a complaint from a parent in writing, over the telephone, or in person the officer will make their best efforts to resolve the complaint. They may need to refer it to the relevant team member handling the matter to resolve the complaint. This can involve:

explaining the operation of the legislation;
apologising for an error or inappropriate behaviour or action; or
explaining objection rights to the parent.
CSA officers dealing with a complaint about the delivery of service by a contracted Senior Case Officer will involve that officer in the complaint handling process.

Step two

If the CSA officer cannot resolve the complaint they will refer it to their manager who will deal with the matter promptly and give the issues raised fresh attention. They will also use their best efforts to resolve the complaint and escalate any issues as appropriate. If the manager cannot resolve the complaint they will advise the customer that they can refer the matter to the complaints service by calling 132 919.

Step three

By calling 132 919 a parent can speak to a Complaints Officer who will be responsible for resolving the complaint. An officer who is independent from CSA officers who have handled the parents child support case will look at the complaint.

If the parent is not satisfied with the action taken by CSA they may lodge a complaint at any time with the Ombudsman, their Member of Parliament or the Minister's Office.

In some cases, complaints may go directly to step two or three. These complaints include:

complaints from very distraught parents who believe they have a serious issue that cannot be resolved by staff in a site office; and
complaints about the behaviour of the Customer Service Officer, their colleagues or manager or a more senior officer.
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