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Complaint resolution at csa for my case

Hi all and thanks for the responses, I initially lodged a complaint with csa at the lower level complaints number. I stated my case and got a really nice guy named Rod, please remove name somebody if im not allowed to name names, he stripped the case officer involved, took a look at my case, offered an apology and supplied in writing a written guarantee that reconciliations will be completed by end of June 08. Reason Ive complained is payer has been lodging estimates since our case started and not one has been looked at, somebody asked why im pushing reconciliations to be done, payer estimated 17,000 tax came in (after allowable deducations) 127,000. That is for the fourth year running. Im doing it for my daughter who continually misses out thats why! Ive remarried and my husband has been financially supporting her since she we met. Not fair on him and not fair for my daughter to go without either. csa estimates debt is going to be well over 20,000.
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