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COA-need advice please

Ok this is a bit complex but please try to bear with me. Ex ( payee) appears to have taken a redundancy package which I am unsure of exactly how much was recieved but it would have been a substantial amount. What I do know is that this amount will well and truly increase taxable income for 11/12 financial year. The payee has had their income fixed via an old COA (which is current) for the next 2 years. Payee has now submitted evidence that earnings  are significantly less ( like 40k less) through the new job. Case officer stated that CTE is not applicable as this was a " termination". However the officer did not confirm if it was voluntary or if ex was sacked. Ex has stated the requirement to provide "care" for high school kids and this was acceptable to csa officer refuting cte due to care responsibilities. The following I would like to know:
  1. how do I ensure case officer appropriately investigates if this was a forced sacking (therefore no payout) or a voluntary redundancy?
  2. if redundancy was what occurred how do i get that income from the redundency included in the current COA by csa given that I have overpaid a significant amount as ex did not notify csa of change of circumstances when this happened?
  3. as we are approaching end of financial year will the decision be based on earnings of this financial year ( a year to date income) or if the decision is made after this financial year will they just base it on the lower income currently received and not investigate any further? If so how do I challenge this? Please note ex's income is currently established At a lot higher via a COA.
  4. how do you argue against the reason for nil CTE due to 'caring responsibilities' when there is years of evidence of post school care and the children are now teenagers? Also the fact that this may be a voluntary redundancy would support CTE.

If anyone has any advice on how I approach this matter so that I could at least try to get some credit for my overpayments that would be really helpful. I also feel that a CTE should be applicable here as it wasn't long that csa set ex's income very high so I believe that the 3rd criteria is met to 'reduce income to reduce child support responsibilities'…. It's a long stretch but worth a shot.
My answer is, What evidence do you have to the contrary?

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