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Child Support Legislation currently stalled stalled

Child Support

The Federal Parliament has the Child Support (Registration and Collection) Amendment Bill 2011 on its agenda.
If passed, the legislation will give commercial debt collectors unprecedented access to Government databases. Not one of our elected representatives in the House of Representatives voiced their concern. The Bill was subsequently passed in the House of Representatives on 24 May 2011.
A Senate Inquiry actually recommended that an inquiry not be carried out in their report dated 24 May 2011. The Bill was then temporarily halted in the Senate on 15 June 2011. It is understood that, with a few minor changes, a slightly amended Child Support (Registration and Collection) Amendment Bill 2011 will be soon put before the Senate again for final adoption. This child support legislation will be very detrimental to low-income families. It also raises some serious privacy concerns.
The only proposed amendment is one put by Senator Nick Xenophon of SA. I personally believe the amendment is pathetic. I believe that the amendment will give the Bill and air of credibility. This is when the Bill should have no credibility at all.
Senator Xenophon's amendment can be found at the Parliamentary web-site at:
ParlInfo - Assisting Victims of Overseas Terrorism Bill 2010
(1) Schedule 1, item 1, page 3 (after line 15), after subsection 15(1B), insert:
 (1C) Any information provided to a person as a result of a delegation by the Registrar under subsection (1B) must be retained, processed and stored inAustralia at all times and must not in any way be transmitted outsideAustralia. [retention of information in Australia]

The fact that there is only one amendment proposed and it is very weak anyway, indicates that the low level of respect, that both Labor and Coalition parliamentarians hold the privacy of the clients of the Child Support Agency - both payers and payees alike.


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