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Will payments be changed with income from 07/08 returns

Have been asked by a work collegue who's income has dropped approx $5000 a year from his last tax return if the CS formula will be adjusted on his 07/08 income as it has previously been done or whether the assessment will remain as was assessed to be with the new changes to the CS system.

According to the calculator his CS payments will drop by approx $60 a month based on his 07/08 income. There is also a chance that his ex's income will be higher then what has been assessed as well.

Does anyone know what the CSA proposes when this is the case. Will the changes be made or are the payments set in stone for a period of time.
Thanks LifeInsight. As far as I know he has done his tax for this year, that is how he knew of the lower amount earnt.

08/09 earnings will be pretty much the same as 07/08 as the extra income was Fringe Benefit Tax that is no longer applicable.

Should he notify CSA of this change in income that is substancial enough to warrant a change to his assessment or will CSA pick this up and make relevant changes. I am not sure on whether the 'new' assessments are to be in place for a certain time frame as they are new or whether decreases / increases in income that would normally change an assessment will be taken into consideration.

Am sure his assessment would go up if his income had!
...and make sure every last possible deduction has been claimed.
Tax return had been done so lets hope CS reduce the payments accordingly.
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