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Child Support after highschool has ended

I have heard that paying parents can be made to pay child support for a child after they have finished highschool and are attending university or TAFE. I have looked in the guide and can only find reference to high school ie. 2.5.5: Application to have an assessment continue past a child's 18th birthday.

Can someone please confirm if this is the case and if so, is an apprenticeship considered fulltime study? therefore requiring payment until the apprenticeship ends.
No, Child Support can only continue until the last day of secondary college in the year that the child turns 18.  The CSA have no jurisdiction to extend an assessment beyond that.

If the child has finished secondary school and started a course or an apprenticeship and they are not 18, Child Support would be payable until the childs 18th birthday.

After that, an action would have to be brought in the FLC for an Adult Child Maintenance order, given that these more closely look at the actual costs of the child and not the inflated figures used for child support, they are not often brought before the court as a standalone case, because the net benefit to the child is often outweighed by the legal costs.  They are usually brought as part of a larger property settlement case.

They take into account each parent and the childs income and the relationship between the child and the parent.

For example, the childs cost to attend the course and living costs are $300 pw, the child earns $200 pw through part time work, leaving a $100 pw shortfall, the parents would be ordered to contribute to the shortfall, depending on their capacity to pay.

TAFE is are not considered fulltime secondary education, unless the TAFE course if part of a secondary course, such as VCAL.  Apprenticeships are also not considered secondary education.

Hope this helps.
thank you, that is very helpful :)
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